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Finding All the Information You Need To Succeed on Your Wedding Day!

In order to be successful and display the best wedding centerpieces on the day of the event you must take into consideration the following:

Planning Ahead

Wedding Centerpieces are key to make tables at a wedding shine with glamour. Many people choose to have great individual centerpieces at the different place settings. Others prefer to have one big wedding centerpiece in the center of each and every table at the reception. Whichever way you prefer it, whether your desire is to have seasonal centerpieces (spring, summer, fall or winter centerpieces) there are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing the best wedding centerpieces for your special occasion.

flower_wedding_centerpiece simplicity
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Pay particular attention to the arrangement and look of the centerpiece and do not leave it for the last minute. The centerpiece should reflect the theme you have chosen for your wedding and also it should brighten up the rest of the décor at your reception.

If are on a tight budget you can opt for inexpensive cake toppers or small wedding cake centerpieces at each place setting. They can look very beautiful, and, if your budget allows, make the main wedding cake even more special with custom wedding cake toppers. Having these type of smaller centerpieces you will take the worry away of having big displays at the center of each table.

Wedding centrepieces are usually comprised of flowers but some people find really attractive alternatives by using different types of materials that fits their chosen theme. Whichever way you decide to go, it is very important to keep in mind that wedding table centerpieces really require that  “I Love U” factor we all look for in any reception decor as much as we do in our partners!


Courtesy of by sgrace Courtesy of malenga

When thinking of alternatives to your centerpieces, base ideas on your theme; for example, if you are having a seaside themed wedding, place nice pebbles, yellow sand and pretty shells arranged in a way that is both appealing, different and stunning. Your guests will be impressed and it is fun to plan and execute.

Another way of getting inspired is by considering what made you choose your particular wedding dress and mother of the bride outfit. Which colors and/or textures did you go for? Are they bold and very different or conservative and more traditional? Consider these for your centerpieces when designing or sketching on paper.

All it really takes to create a great centerpiece is good ideas, time and lots of planning. Seek advice from your friends, take suggestions in general, discuss themes with your partner and look around for even more ideas. Always remember to be spot on with the color/colors chosen; they should always compliment the color of your wedding reception.

This is the time to be creative and use that great imagination of yours. The options are endless, and the wedding center pieces can look really wonderful without you having to spend lots of money. It is very easy to create that perfect glamorous look; do not opt for the first ideas that come into your head. Explore, go in depth with those ideas; create breathtaking centerpieces and a timeless wedding day for your guests, and, most importantly, yourself!

**Remember: plan ahead, be fresh and innovative, seek advice

Best Wedding Centerpiece Ideas & Themes

Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Firstly let us examine the classic flower centerpiece, floral decorations are a part of most weddings, it seems unfeasible to get married without flowers. If you would like a flower arrangement, the timeless classic of dried flowers can be prepared well in advance and really are great for do it yourself wedding centerpieces. It will also cut down on the amount to do on the morning of the big day. For flowers connected to the season look at the relevant seasonal section below. Nowadays most flowers are available all year round such as orchids, roses, lilies and callas, but budget may not stretch the ones out of season.

white_centerpiece purple_centerpiece
Courtesy of by Sifu Renka Courtesy of jenny2609

Wedding Favors Centerpieces

A centerpiece that can be taken home as a keepsake favor, is another wedding theme idea. Individual wedding cakes, boxed and emblazoned with the date and the bride and grooms name or initials would be excellent wedding favors. Individual flowers grouped together to allow each guest to take one home, or packets of seed for guests to plant is also effective.


Courtesy of by Amber Karnes

Edible Wedding Centerpieces

If you plan your seating to have all the children in a certain part of the room a great idea is to have child centered gifts, such as lollipops. Parents may not want sugary treats for the little ones so coloring crayons and pictures, or small magnetic games for the older children to amuse them during the speeches, allowing the adults a breather! The adults could have a totally separate adult themed treat such as individually wrapped chocolates, perhaps with the names of the happy couple on the wrappers. If you combine several ideas to make bridal shower centerpieces your guests have the fun of selecting. Fruit is also a good theme look at the colours of the pineapple, passion fruit, peaches and plums, citrus fruits such as lemons and limes or grapefruit sliced and arranged can be beautiful decoration. By choosing seasonal fare you can make cheap wedding centerpieces.

edible_centerpiece_cakes edible_centerpice
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Courtesy of goddess of chocolate

Candles Wedding Centerpieces

Candles and mirrors are a great combination and can be cheap wedding centerpieces that look classy. Dollar stores offer lots of small candle holders, glasses and other items that can, with a little creativity add a personal touch to your centerpieces. Battery operated candles are another safer alternative.

candle_centerpiece candle_centerpiece2
Courtesy of by theogeo Courtesy of Anne Ruthmann

Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Many weddings are held on the beach, and the reception will want to encapsulate the beauty of the setting. Look along the shore line to see what nature has to offer Starfish, sea shells, sand, pebbles, driftwood, tiny parasols, or even miniature bucket and spade sets, tiny surf boards, all when presented as centerpieces can be quite stunning. When you have a beach theme use a color match or matching ideas to pull the theme nicely together.

beach_wedding_centerpiece1 beach_wedding_centerpiece2
Courtesy of by downing.amanda Courtesy of Lil’ El

Western Themed Centerpieces

Cowboy themed centerpieces are a fun idea to complement a western theme for your wedding. Tiny rope lasso, glass cowboy boots and metal pails, are amongst the creative visions, with cactus or prairie grasses instead of flowers. Also aspects of native Indian ideas, feathers and wigwams or eagles spring to mind.

Seasonal Centerpieces

Spring Wedding Centerpieces

Incorporate the abundance of lovely fresh spring flowers such as freesias or blooms using pastel shades with burst of yellow or lilacs coupled with the greens of new foliage, soft salmon, hues of blue, or mascarpone whites all say spring is in the air. Centerpiece decoration potted plants such as crocus; daffodils and tulips make impressive displays and remain fresh. Be careful of the smell, highly scented bulbs such as hyacinth could set off allergies in your guests. The buds of foliage such as pussy willows, just bursting into new life, are a highly symbolic romantic indication of a new life together. In the photo bellow, the freshness of the yellow centerpiece can really be appreciated.


Courtesy of by rivieramaya26

Summer Wedding Centerpieces

Summer bridal centerpieces can really bring the outdoors in; the abundance of flowers and colors really mean the choice is limitless. The oranges, yellows, pinks and reds of the classic rose could be your focal point, the miniature lavender rose is a superb bloom. Flowers always present traditional values in an elegant way gerbera and carnations in orange shades or a mix of pink and white chrysanthemums with deep purple carnations along with gypsophilia are impressive. If you like the look of tall wedding centerpieces, check out  the gladioli with spectacular stately flower spikes for inspiration.


Courtesy of Bliss Photo Co.

Fall Wedding Centerpieces

A fall flower arrangement would reflect the abundance of seasonal colors, burning reds and ochre yellow will probably be your cue; nature shows you the shades to incorporate. For wedding colors look at a New England fall for inspiration the bronze, the coppers, gold, magenta, browns orange and reds, or the hues of yellow that harvest suggests such as wheat. Corn dollies are really designer centerpieces if you use your skills and make them as do it yourself wedding centerpieces.(see wedding centerpieces on a budget)

fall_leaves_centerpiece fall_leaf_centerpiece
Courtesy of by james.thompson Courtesy of Moche

Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Again nature shows you the way; scatter crystals coupled with snowflakes on a small mirror, perhaps glasses with sugared rims holding candles, or for a Christmas theme pine garlands coupled with scarlet bows or baubles. Combine warm reds greens and purples to offset the icy blues and whites of snowflakes.


Courtesy of ice.bluess

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